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By licensing our low-cost image matching engine you can provide novel image-matching services for your own applications. Here are some cool applications that can benefit from the use of the HashThySelf technology.
  • Online dating and matchmaking sites - Differentiate yourselves from the competition by letting your subscribers search your personals databases by likeness instead of by descriptions. (e.g. I'd like a date who looks like this) Our technology can process your database of subscribers' photos and index them in no time. Your subscribers can then search in your index for likenesses of input images. You can even let them compose the input image. Soon they'll be looking in their ZIP codes for dates that have Marylin Monroe's hair, Madonna's chin and Nicole Kidman's nose.

  • Carriers - Promote the use of the HashThySelf cellphone client to drive high-ARPU data services. Let your subscribers use their cellphone camera to snap and Hash their friends. No longer will their photographs waste away on their cellphones only to eventually be transferred to their PCs. The HashThySelf cellphone app will require the use of the data channel, creating a whole new fun way to spend money.

  • Traffic generation (arbitrary services) - Publish HashThySelf.s attractive celeb match widget on arbitrary web pages and have viewers click on them to arrive at your site and generate their own widgets. The possibilities are endless.

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