Questions and Answers

"Frequently" is sooo subjective. But we wish these were asked at all!

Can I display your cosmically cool widget on my own home page at

Sure you can. Just copy the code on the results page in the red-box and paste it into your own html. You can optionally adjust the dimensions of the containing <div>, which serves to anchor the widget, and also play around with the dimensions of the widget itself (by changing the 'w' and 'h' values).

Do you have any recommendations for creating my Hash Widget?

Yes - Use good quality head-shots with a plain background. Sport a smile. Try many photos of yourself and pick the best widget to display on your home page. Above all, be modest regardless of who comes up as your Zeta.

What happens to the data I submit?

Once you are hashed, we will cache your data solely for the purpose of avoiding redundant computation during a repeat submission of the same photo by you, and to enable the widget to function without having to reanalyze your image.

What happens to my votes and nominations?

At present we are in collection mode :-) Soon we'll decide what to do with them (open to suggestions from you, of course) and you might see a new widget that uses the voting data. One idea that has been proposed is to display the best of all hashes in the stamp-sized widget on the home page. Currently this always shows the last successful hash. Unofficially, Don Rumsfeld seems to have been nominated most times to date for the "Best of Hash" widget.

Are there any browser specifics of which I should be aware?

We have tried to create a truly cross-browser widget. However, due to various reasons, it seems that IE is able to handle the animations most smoothly, followed by Opera, Safari and then finally Mozilla Firefox (as of June 2007 anyway).

When I hashed myself it said George Clooney was my first Zeta, as it darn rightly should. Does this guarantee that when someone submits a likeness of GC, I'll come up as the first hit?

Let's put it this way. Suppose you're all alone on Mars, and the rest of us poor humans are here on Earth. You want to find your nearest human neighbor and someone on earth happens to be it. Unfortunately the quest ain't symmetric. Your neighbor's nearest neighbor is most likely a nearby earthling, not you.

I like HashThySelf. How can I contribute?

The best way to contribute right now is to use the service and refer it to your friends. Post a Hash Widget on your own home page. Digg it! If you feel a compelling urge to code and/or otherwise materially contribute to our enterprise, you can contact us with a proposal and we'll promise to read it.

Are there any restrictions upon the use of the service?

Your use of the technology is entirely at your own risk. Please read our terms and conditions to know more about this. Use of the HashThySelf web-based service is completely free for non-commercial purposes.

We are able to license the technology for use in commercial applications. See sample applications of the technology behind HashThySelf that could potentially generate revenue for you. If you are interested in talking to us, you may contact our Business office directly. She is reachable here.

What happened to the old site? I liked it :-(

Ah, the old-look-old-feel. Here it is, if thou art into that kind of thing.

Can I get a HashThySelf T-shirt?

Well, we aren't really handing out T-shirts just yet. But send in that valuable suggestion, or a fix to an annoying bug and who knows what'll turn up in your mailbox!

Can I give you some feedback?

Please do. Send all feedback here. Thanks.