About jobs at HashThySelf, LLC

HashThySelf, LLC does specialized image search. In the current release, HashThySelf's image matching engine is able to rapidly identify faces from a large inventory of photos given a subject's face photo. The technology is intentionally not forensic grade, and is instead aimed at the entertainment segment. The HashThySelf website currently offers a completely free celebrity lookalike finder where Internet Users can submit their photos and discover whom they look like. Further, HashThySelf mobile-client programs to "snap, send and see" image search results are currently available for Palm Treos and select Nokia phones. The company was conceived in April 2005, founded in June 2005 and went live on Jan 1, 2006, but is only now considering investment in a marketing effort to scale out. Note that HashThySelf is not just an embryonic concept or an idea for a start-up. It is fully functional technology with a currently live public face.

The following are the only available job openings at present (July 4, 2007).

Position ID 0001: Manager of Business Development

This position concerns a marketing and sales responsibility for the HashThySelf core product (the technology itself, not the client programs for mobile devices) and is exclusively commission-based. Therefore if, after perusing the HashThySelf website and reading the One-Pager promotional at http://hashthyself.com/v2/sols/HashThySelf-Onepager.pdf, you are not convinced that you can generate license revenue, it is probably not worth your while to contact us.

As the manager of Business Development, you will source potential licensing opportunities (e.g. social networking sites, dating sites, web sites seeking increased traffic, mobile application publishers, etc.) and strike licensing arrangements for one or more Image search engines (nodes).

Typically, licensing is on a per-node annual basis, but you may negotiate customized deals after discussing them with us. Being a young company, we are quite flexible, and are prepared initially to consider generous profit sharing arrangements with you. We can help in any way possible to make your job easy. For example, we are able to provide personal technical debriefs to potential clients and discuss deployment details with them.

If you resonate with us and, together, we start generating real license revenue, we plan to formalize this position as a regular job, which will, of course, have tremendous career growth prospects. In particular, the right candidate can see themselves grow to oversee all of sales and marketing for the company going forward.

If this appeals to you as something you would like to do, please contact us immediately at hashthyself_sales@comcast.net

Position ID 0002: iPhone HashMash Developer

This position concerns a really quick, but not-so-dirty, development job creating a HashThySelf Mashup on and for the Apple iPhone. Ideally, you are passionate about Mashups and about the Apple iPhone.

HashThySelf lends itself to easy Mashup creation with a simple API to create and obtain the Image Search Results object in the form of industry standard JSON objects. The FaceBook HashMash is being refined as we speak, and was practically put together within a weekend.

The iPhone HashMash is expected to be similarly easy to create since it will simply involve a straightforward photo upload and the subsequent display of the HashThySelf Widget on the iPhone display via a one-line JavaScript call.

Obviously, experience in programming the Safari Webkit is highly desirable.

HashThySelf is open to either paying you for an outright purchase of the your iPhone HashMash, or jointly commercializing it with you on a revenue share basis.

If you are interested, please contact us by email at hashthyself_jobs@comcast.net