HashThySelf Glossary


Someone who looks like you. May be different at different times of your day, except for the most unwaveringly expressionless folk.


A hypothetical space with a unique and interesting topology in which the distances of other people from you are directly related to the similarity of your looks. Hash space is a bounded hypersphere (mathmo-speak for a multidimensional sphere) of radius 9999 miles.

Miles in HashSpace

Miles in Hash space are unrelated to miles in our space. After all, our miles are in 3D space. Hash Space is multi-dimensional in a way we can't even begin to fathom.

Hash Key

A string of characters known only to you (unless you choose to advertise it) that uniquely identifies your location in Hash space. Well, strictly speaking, that's not true. We estimate that one in every 18 billion billion occupants might have the same location as you. This situation is called a Hash Clash. The consequences of this are so terrible that it gives us the jeepers to even write about it. So we'd rather say no more just now.

Funky ad

Fictitious companies vying for your fictitious dollars in hyperspace. Heed 'em or hide 'em. Either way, it makes no diff.


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