Hash is H, A, S, and H, the initials of the four founders.

What is HashThySelf?

HashThySelf is a new kind of search engine based on a unique concept and method. On the realization that identity matches are of interest only to a select few (probably in CSI Miami and the like), we decided to architect a solution for the rest of us who are simply interested in likeness matches. When you submit a photo, our Hashing engines search the web for other photos, hopefully of well known people, that are similar to the one you provided. You then get a list of "hits" or ranked matches to your submission on the results page. HashThySelf is built around this idea.

HashThySelf does not do, or claim to do identity matches. It will not necessarily retrieve images of Bill Clinton if you submit an image of Bill Clinton. Sometimes it so happens that someone looks more like you than you do yourself :-) Just accept the fact.

HashThySelf is currently in experimental mode. During this time, we are gauging its appeal and will tinker frequently with its look-and-feel. Eventually, we will consolidate our statistics and make several critical decisions regarding the service and how it will be positioned. Regardless of the major changes that can happen at that time, we expect the web-based service to forever remain free.

Why is it in the Zeta version?

First off, what's the mad rush to get to 1.0? HashThySelf will always stay in the Zeta version for various reasons, not the least of which is our presumed arrogance that says nothing is ever good enough :-) for us. The other reason for the permanently Zeta version of HashThySelf has to do with its origin. Read the legend.

What is the history of HashThySelf?

After being conceived at about 9:43pm on Saturday April 9, 2005, the concept was initially developed for a brief period by the founders. But in early June 2005, the founders abandoned the embryonic idea to concentrate on their allegedly more exciting day jobs as scientists. After a period of dormancy, it was revived on Jan 1, 2006 by M (whose idea it originally was) and brought to its present state through careful management of the effort of a global team in Seattle, San Jose, Eastern Europe and India. The day-to-day operations of HashThySelf are now managed by M, while H, A, S and H continue in their day jobs as respectable researchers.

What are your terms of use regarding your content?

All the image content on our pages are results of search queries, or are meant to solicit feedback on the quality of our searching process. The images are presented solely as thumbnails unless you submit them yourself. In order to view the full versions of any of the images on our pages, you will have to navigate to the original source of the images to which we provide ample links. Please do visit the sources as they typically have much juicy information that you will be enjoy. See our terms and conditions for your use of the HashThySelf service.

I am a content provider. How can I get my content indexed by your engine?

At the moment we do not have a web-interface to enter this information. Please contact us by mail here to arrange for the indexing to happen. Note that we are only able to index low-resolution head-shots at the moment. You may however, request the index to point back to higher resolution images at your site. We will not index defamatory, pornographic, obscene or offensive material. We reserve the right to summarily purge our index of any images that we deem to be inappropriate.

Are there any restrictions upon the use of the service?

Your use of the technology is entirely at your own risk. Please read our terms and conditions to know more about this. Use of the HashThySelf service is completely free for non-commercial purposes.

We are able to license the technology for use in commercial applications. See sample applications of the technology behind HashThySelf that could potentially generate revenue for you. If you are interested in talking to us, you may contact our Business office directly. She is reachable at here.