iPhone app potentially delayed until API is opened!

No surprise here dudes et dudettes,

Apple is finding it hard to release the iPhone API to let us build you an iPhone version of HashThySelf. Knowing Apple’s penchant for fostering innovation, I find it difficult to believe that they could be anything but unhappy themselves about the decision to lock up the API.

Sure enough, the answer is right here, in an article that offers a modicum of hope in the possibility that good Google might eventually become a player in the wireless space. Imagine what would happen if the soon-to-be federally auctioned portions of the 700MHz spectrum end up being fully owned and controlled by the existing carriers! Harold Feld, senior vice president of the Media Access Project, a non-profit law firm representing consumer groups sums it up best:

“The real question is, what will our digital future look like,” Feld said. “If we do nothing, it will look like what it is now, very limited, managed networks where [providers] control what you can attach to the networks, the services that are offered to the networks, and what applications can be run by the devices that connect to the network.

We really hope, for the sake of all good things to come, that the valuable spectrum or some significant part of it falls into Good hands.

- Hashers in frustration!

PS. Here is a hghly recommended read: Google Public Policy Blog: Restoring competitive balance to the upcoming spectrum auction

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