Migrating the blog (and other news)

Dudes et dudettes,

Last night, we finally managed to get Wordpress installed and configured just right on HashThySelf.com. Yes, selecting the right theme is always the most time-consuming as usual, and we’re still not fully satisfied. We welcome your suggestions, of course.

We’ve been wanting to move the blog over to our local host for a while, now, but it had to wait for its turn in the project pipeline. Once we figure out a way to script or otherwise automate the transfer of past articles from blogger.com, we will start hosting our blog locally. (Thanks blogger, for having us in the meantime).

We have also made major progress with the promised FaceBook application, which is undergoing rigorous QC as we speak. I’m pleased to say that David Romano himself, the author of the Perl Facebook API on CPAN, is leading this effort.

And finally, of course, the migration of the back-end to be fully LAMP based is on schedule. We managed to scope out the issues in the last few days, and hope that this will happen before too long. We’d really like the databases to be migrated from MLDBM into MySql before we launch the FaceBook app. We have confirmed that the migration is most likely trivial, but as always, we need to make triple-triple sure that we haven’t overlooked any hidden issues.

So, I ask you to please contain your excitement and keep watching our site.


A. Hasher

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