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More cool things around the corner

Dudes et dudettes,

Since the launch of the “new look new feel” website for HashThySelf and a rather major overhaul of the back-end to be almost (but not yet quite) LAMP based, we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs, of course. More new and exciting features are just around the corner.

Stay tuned for

(1) Some cool news about a HashMash API that will let you create your own custom widgets from HashThySelf Image Search Results

(2) A fantastically cool FaceBook HashMash app that lets facebookers directly hash their album photos and display the HashMash results on their profile

(3) Hopefully (yes, only hopefully, I’m afraid) an iPhone app, so you can Hash til’ your heart’s content from the coolest newest gadget out there! We’ve even looked at the Hash Widget under Safari on an iPhone and it looks like the funkiest Screensaver ever :-)

So keep an eye out for happenings at Hash. You’ll like ‘em.

A. Hasher!