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HashThySelf working with

In late March, contacted out of the blue by Jai Govindani at Siam2you, HashThySelf was surprised to know that there was strong interest in implementing our image matching technology for a mobile celebrity image matching game in Thailand! Who would have thought…

Well, to cut a long story short, our staff have been spending considerable time with Jai Govindani of Siam2you, to help create and run a customized version of the image matching engine for them.

The siam2you product that HashThySelf is intended to be incorporated into, as you will no doubt find out yourself, is supposedly called “MMS Star-a-like”, intended to tell how similar a contestant is to the stars of popular movies (Think Zetameter!)

We at HashThySelf wish Jai and his staff the best, and hope that our collaboration results in great success for them.

A. Hasher