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HashThySelf working with

In late March, contacted out of the blue by Jai Govindani at Siam2you, HashThySelf was surprised to know that there was strong interest in implementing our image matching technology for a mobile celebrity image matching game in Thailand! Who would have thought…

Well, to cut a long story short, our staff have been spending considerable time with Jai Govindani of Siam2you, to help create and run a customized version of the image matching engine for them.

The siam2you product that HashThySelf is intended to be incorporated into, as you will no doubt find out yourself, is supposedly called “MMS Star-a-like”, intended to tell how similar a contestant is to the stars of popular movies (Think Zetameter!)

We at HashThySelf wish Jai and his staff the best, and hope that our collaboration results in great success for them.

A. Hasher

Power outage!

We were up until 2am last night, but as Murphy will have it, a power outage struck at about 3am. Unfortunately this meant that all systems shut down after their UPSes drained!

We have just restarted all servers and they should all be fully functional within the hour. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we cope with the second ever such downtime since HashThySelf launched!


Hello Timberlake-o-meter!

Dudes et dudettes,

HashThySelf is pleased to announce the availability of the third Z-meter application - Timberlake-o-meter. This lets you proudly display the unfortunately percentage of users who don’t look as much like Justin Timberlake as you do!

Timberlake-o-meter is available online at, and as a Facebook application as well.

Check out:


- A. Hasher.

Please welcome Zetameter and Pittometer

Dudes et dudettes

Please welcome two new facebook applications into the fold. These are Zetameter and Pittometer, part of a growing family of applications that we have called z-meter apps.

z-meter apps offer a unique Facebook experience by mashing up the HashThySelf Image Search Results JSON object via its Mashup API into Facebook apps that tell you where you stand at that very instant, in relation to all other users, when compared to the z-meter target.

The zetameter application, for example, allows you to display on your profile the percentage of users who look less like Catherine Zeta-Jones than you do! The Pittometer application allows you to display the percentage of users who look less like Brad Pitt. Needless to say, the percentage will keep changing as more and more people use these apps.

We hope you enjoy them. Please keep an eye out for more z-meter apps down the line. We plan to launch a new z-meter app about once each week, especially for those targets that you want us to. Soon we also hope to give you a web-based interface to z-meters, just like for HashThySelf, so you can install z-meters on your own home pages too.

Zetameter and Pittometer were created by David Romano and Anand Venkataraman.


A. Hasher

Something new and cool around the corner

Dudes et dudettes,

Given the popularity of the HashMash Facebook app, we have decided to ramp up the schedule of a new project that we just know you’d love. Keep an eye out for something new and cool to make its appearance in a couple of weeks. We won’t say any more right now, except that the name begins with an Z.

- A. Hasher

Pleased & Proud to Present HashMash for Facebookers

Dudes et dudettes,

HashThySelf is pleased and proud to present David Romano’s HashMash for Facebookers. The coolest :-) Facebook application to date, it allows you to instantly Hash your Facebook profile photos and post your zetas online in your Facebook profile. Please check it out, and as always, please let us know what you think.

Once you are logged into your Facebook account, you can get HashMash from

Here’s a screenshot from a facebook profile of a HashMasher!

HashMash Screenshot from a Facebook profile

Nice, no?


A. Hasher

LAMP and Blog migration complete

Dudes et dudettes,

Did you notice what happened between:

Sat Jul 21 11:47:51 PDT 2007
Sat Jul 21 11:47:51 PDT 2007

Hopefully your answer will be “no”. Somewhere in the milliseconds between those two times, the back-end of HashThySelf switched over from being MLDBM-based to MySql-based. This is a significant step for us, as we prepare to receive and field substantially more traffic. We have had minor issues with MLDBM in the past, and have always wanted to migrate to MySql. This line-item in our project pipeline has finally been addressed.

Oh. Our blog has now migrated to too, in case you didn’t notice :-)

A. Hasher

All systems go on Facebook app. Look out for it!

Dudes et dudettes,

David Romano informed us that his Facebook HashThySelf Mashup, which he has called “HashMash”, has been tested and is ready to go. It will soon enter the Facebook apps pipeline and you would be able to install it on your profiles. As his sponsor, we had first look at this application, and we installed it on our own Facebook profiles. Need I even say it looks Shmashing!

Even better, David has decided to give his app away for free, since he had a great deal of fun developing it.

So, look forward to HashMash soon, the coolest ever hi-tech Facebook app!

- Hashers